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Amazing Company

There are companies and there are companies.

...and this one is one of those touches my heart
Majas Cottage from Sweden. 
So, what are they doing?
well, except that they are designing beautiful candle lanterns in various collections 
they donate a large part of their profits to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.
Read more about Majas Cottage 

Worn and Beautiful

The worn style and the desire to reuse old things and furniture just seems to increase. I like that attitude and feeling very much. 

Welcoming entrance

Rustic Canyon New Home - traditional - exterior - los angeles - Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design

50 shades of grey bedroom

First picture: Take a look at this dark walls and roof bedroom. 
What do you think?
I just love it.
It really gives a comfort feeling. 
My favorite color scale at the time

Easter Flowers Ideas

Look at these amazing door decorations ideas I found today while I was googling around.

I found these picture at

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