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Little white wedding dress

Den lilla vita... 
The little white wedding dress.

Images from  Rime Arodaky 

Spring Trends & News

Hello interior lovers
I love spring and all the news every store shows. Its a fresh new start from a long grey season.
I have been visiting Stockholms two biggest interiors fairs in january and februari.
Here is a few pics from them..

The bulldog is still a popular decoration in your home. This year in more various colors...

ODD MOLLY starts with a HOME collection. Hillirious! I love the idea

Wedding fair in Stockholm

I was decorating the booth for the company "Wedding in Sweden" at Swedens largest weddingfair this weekend. It was such fun! This was definitely not the last Time. Here you can see a Sneak peak /// Marie

New year and spring news

Hello my sweet followers. Long time ago...well, not THAT long but enough ;) You all know Ive open a shop in central Stockholm. (The cutiest ;) I just love it. What a dreamlife I have right know. A life similar like the name of this blog in the beginning of the journey. "Classic Style- Dreamlife in the city". That was the blog name in 2008-2011

Trends 2014
You know me and Classic Style will always be the best for me ;) because it last forever.

But, Ill also like the french vintage chateau style. Have a look at these pictures.

Have a great day my sweet darlings 

Pictures from the interior fair FORMEX in Stockholm

Below you see to amazing vitrine as you also can find in my shop Stilrummet
Classic sofa, just order to my shop
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