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Garden for balance & harmony

Spring is here and I felt an urge to write about gardens.
I will continue to dream about a garden of my own..
as long as we live in an apartment,
we have only a small balcony ...
But, that dosent stop me continuing dreaming..and you never know..one day I might bee a gardener...
Whats your plan for your garden this summer, What are you dreaming of ?
 its time to plan your garden, balcony or terrace..
are you dreaming of climbing roses..?
The spirit of Feng Shui gardens...

Even if you live in the city..

It does not mean you can not have a garden terrace
This week I will offer you inspiration pictures of Balconies in the city..
Roofterrace from Stockholm, New York and London. and fashion tips
What to wear at the pool party..by Eleonora Galli...
You cant miss..
See you around

more garden picture from my blog HERE
picture no 1 vogue US dec 2006 via blog mosseys country garden
picture no 2 from facebook page *I like white*, no 3 from architectural digest. picture no 4 from country living via blog candyheartandsandpaper, picture no 5 country living via blog heideclaire


  1. En japansk stenträdgård skulle jag vilja ha en vacker dag.

  2. Aha intressant, med ett litet vattenfall oxå?

  3. What incredible pictures! I love the blue and white seating in the garden..so incredibly gorgeous and luxurious!! Beautiful things come from the earth and it is lovely how spring allows us to enjoy all of the earths gifts!

  4. Marie these images are gorgeous and I agree with "Enchanted" absolutely adore the blue chairs in the garden! I once did a birthday party for Georgiana and put our pink toile wingback chairs at a party table in the garden and it looked fabulous against the green. You have inspired me again ... thank-you so much!
    best wishes
    Frances xx

  5. Åh, vilka vackra bilder! Vi har en trädgård i form av en lerhög just nu, så mina planer är att försöka göra just en trädgård av den under våren och sommaren. Får se hur det går:)

  6. I love garden pictures, but I love having my own garden more! These pictures inspire me to keep gardening. I have a climbing rose trellis and I love the roses and their sweet smell! Thank you for posting such beautiful images.

  7. Så trevligt med trädgårdstema. Bor också i en våning och drömmer ständigt om en trädgård med mycket rosor och grönska. Men det är sant som du skriver, en balkong kan också bli grönskande vacker.

    Ser verkligen fram emot att få se bilder på vackra storstadsbalkonger och inspireras.

    Kram kram Maria


Thank you for your sweet comment. I wish you a marvelous day//Marie

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