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Ideas for your Home Decorating

 You may think Iam totally obsessed in pink these days..yesterday Pink wedding dresses..today Pink Kitchen,Pink Bathroom, Pink diningroom,Pink livingroom...pink pink pink
..I guess I have a small..petite,,minimi obsession..But I love to write about things I dont have of my own..I really like this pictures and I could definitly live this way..
Lovely ideas for your home decoration

In this lovely Vintage diningroom..they just put soft pink flowers at the table
for decoration..
or..soft PINK pillow for your sofa in your living room
Hope you get som ideas for your home..
and I wish you all a Happy Easter

kitchen picture from interiordesignstory,the bath coomod from ferniture.,
bathroom via katyelliot.com,Diningroom via decorpad, living room picture via the enchanted home.
flowers via luphia blog.


  1. I love these inspirational photos - I love pale pink with cream & black. I just haven't been able to get too much pink into the home because Hubby isn't a fan :)

  2. Thanks, yes the pictures are indeed inspirational, the only one whos has pink in our home is our little pincess Sophie..her room is SO pink,,and green..its adorable..a few sneak peak you can see at the blogg,, but I will show you more someday :)) lol/Marie

  3. Love the pink bureau, madrassed!! So cool and chic.
    Pink kisses from me, Inger

  4. Marie!

    You are cool as the furnish :)



  5. I love the pink kitchen. Its not overwhelming! Perfect!


  6. Hihihi thanks Linda..I love beeing cool as the furniture

  7. Love pink and love all of your images! Loving your blog, now following! Miss Walker xoxo

  8. I will stick with my classic choice of white tiles for my kitchen BUT I do like the pink tiles in this kitchen, not so pink more... mauve I think.
    Tjingeling Anettte

  9. Wanted to show you how much I loved your blog by awarding you with the Lovely Blog Award, check out all the details here and feel free to carry on the torch! Miss Walkerxoxo

  10. BIG thanks to Miss walker :))..se the results tomorrow /Marie

  11. Wouldn't that be so great to have a pink kitchen? It's like living in a dollhouse. I don't think my husband would go for it though. Great images. Happy Easter!

  12. Beautiful inspirations. I love the all white living room. The touches of pink and that chandelier are amazing! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!

  13. Tack för din gulliga påskhälsning!!! Blev så glad :).

    Önskar givetvis dig detsamma.

    Kram kram

  14. Love it!! Rosa är för övrigt en favvofärg för mig med:) Hoppas du får en fortsatt Härlig Påsk!!
    Take care! Kram//Ulrica

  15. Love this inspirational pictures, I neverwinter though you could have pink as à interior color..I guess I was wrong..thanksfor sharin and happy eatser / Tina

  16. Great images...I love the dining room with that table the best! Gorgeous...thank you, Happy Easter!


Thank you for your sweet comment. I wish you a marvelous day//Marie

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